Alyson B. Stanfield, left, signs her newly published I’d Rather Be in the Studio! at a reception hosted by Rose Marie, at Artspace III, March 2008, Fort Worth, Texas.

Rose Marie poses with her painting, Rose in Repose, at Fort Worth Community Arts Center, May 2008, Fort Worth, Texas.

Incognito, traveling gourmets atop the ferry from Istanbul to Buyukada.  Under the auspices of Joan Peterson, author of East Smart in Turkey, this is day three of the culinary odyssey through ancient, Ottoman, and modern Turkey to get to the heart of the culture through an exploration of the country’s scrumptious cuisine and wine.  August 2011.


Tempting the artist, this is for me quintessential “Turkish delight”:  array of colors and textures both palatable and palette-able.  The island of Buyukada is carless, only bicycles and horse-drawn buggies.  August 2011.

Art Habla.  Sunflowers dance on hundreds of acres of Turkey’s soil, and sometimes a single flower adorns a private corner in the village.   Like Vincente van Gogh, the sunflower attracts my artistic sensibilities.  You will find its subject among my paintings.  Left, a balcony in Istanbul.  Right, in the compound of hotel Les Maisons de Cappadoce, Uchisar, Nevsehir, Turkey.

The muted glow of a deepening sunset reminds me that I lived, loved, and laughed one more day. Now you can see, perhaps, why and how these passionate hues play leading dramatic roles on the stages of my canvases. Left, Urlice Vineyards, in Urla, Izmir, Turkey. August 2011.



Among the “Fairy Chimneys,” the surreal volcanic rock formations prevalent in Cappadocia, an area in central Anatolia, Turkey. August 2011.

Those were the days…

Good news!

Rose Marie, it was just wonderful to hear from you!  I have missed seeing you and have wondered what you are doing with yourself.  I am so glad you are still painting.

I still absolutely love One of Us Will Be There and everyone who enters my living room gravitates to it!   I think of you often and hope life is really good for you…Stay in touch!