ROSE MARIE MERCADO A Texas Visual Artist 

© Rose Marie Mercado Loves me, Loves Me Not Oil on Canvas, 18×24, 2007


I am a visual artist who paints mainly in oil.  Watercolor was my first love.

I follow my whims in wild-scape gardening, down-home Southern cooking, dancing to mariachi and marimba music, interpreting astrology, and making my harmonica squawk.

What you see on my canvas is a visual abstract of narratives I imagine and create for myself.  Colors and brushstrokes are primary characters in my story.  How the characters arrange their appearances becomes the conversations and perceptions that convey the story.

Art after all is but an extension of language to the expression of sensations too subtle for words.” Robert Henri, The Art Spirit

Solitude suits me except when I crave eavesdropping.

Structural configurations bewilder me.